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Prints, posters,

yard art and t-shirts are available for purchase


      From the beginning, it has been important to find affordable ways to share my artwork with others.

By using centuries old methods of relief printmaking; from linoleum block prints, to current digital methods like the ink jet repoductions on t-shirts of my paintings and router cut aluminum "yard art" of my graphic images; the opportunity to make them available to you is now just a click away on our SHOP menu

           Want to know more about how these images you can purchase were created?


 Mezzotint               print

The image is "carved" into a copper plate that has been "rocked" to make a surface that will accept the ink. The rich blackness and softness of the image are my favorite values of completing a mezzotint.

Handcolored         linocut

Ater carving this small Neoregelia, I decided to hand paint the image to enhance it's beauty for reproduction onto T-shirts and paper. The coloring process helps illuminate the many layers of green in the leaf structure along with the colorful bloom in the center. In this design I surrounded the plant image with a frame of black resulting in the plant image being both inside and extendings outside.

I like the end result of contrast. 

Linoleum block        print 

This print, originally made as a linocut is available in the form of a poster. The bromeliads were first carved into a piece of linoleum mounted on plywood, when ink was applied to the remaining linoleum surface, then hand rubbed onto the paper placed over the block, a rich feeling of multiple plants of different genre appear in a grouping. This image was then reporduced to a poster sold by me at the 1996 World Bromeliad conference in Orlando FL. It is available as a poster with the conference dates/location OR without. 

  "Yard Art" 

Created by a computerized router using my graphic designs, originally drawn and carved on a linoleum block, the aluminum pieces can be hung or as shown in this picture of my yard- stuck into the gound to add images to your garden/driveway that will withstand the weather and not need any care or maintanence to look attractive everyday.

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