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Exciting Spring Festival at Tropiflora

Returning to one of our favorite places to visit and sell art from Underhill Studio in a great outdoor setting. We are packed and ready for Tropiflora this week-April 5th, 6th and 7th. Truly a wonderful 3 day event at the Cathcart's fabulous nursery with multiple vendors who are just like family to us. Once more we were aided by the handiwork of Trish Schwarzkopf, of Advanced Tech- my talented sister with more new laser engraved items with my plant images. This Spring we also have new Ultra prints on t-shirts,

a result off collaboration with the new owners of Big Frog in Clearwater. Also featured additions are upscale cotton shirts that Leeward Bean founder of Big Frog highly recommended to target our growing group of younger customers. We hope you will visit Tropiflora during this free happening and stop by to visit with us. Spring has sprung!

Tie- Dye Spring

Robin and Scott
Dennis Cathcart

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